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Thank you for your interest in joining Pro Edge Realty.  While many agencies or sale teams are thrilled to have ANY agent work for them, as long as they have a pulse - WE ARE DIFFERENT.   The way most companies work is that the agent makes contacts, lists a house for sale, and when the house sells the company gets a big cut of that commission.  Therefore, the companies are simply happy to have anybody working with them, as long as they can get a license.  BUT, it means that many companies out there have part time agents - so your agent could be working two or three jobs.  Who knows, maybe your agent is working at the local coffee shop and gets a call on a listing.  Can they show it? I think not.   In addition, it means that many agencies out there may not require their agents to be up to standards on all the nuances of a sale, such as financing, how to navigate the appraisals, various levels of inspections, kick-out clauses, and many, many other issues. 


We EXPECT MORE, DEMAND MORE, AND REQUIRE MORE!  If you are not full time - don't bother applying.  If you are not 100% dedicated to Real Estate as your ONLY career, don't bother applying.  If you are not professional, punctual, and highly talented at marketing, don't bother applying.  If you are not honest or ethical, don't bother applying.  If you are not willing to spend thousands of hours learning how to properly and effectively market and sell properties, don't bother applying.  I am Jeremy Bradshaw, the owner, and if I hire you, then you will be joining the best of the best.  No Joke.  With us, you will work very hard, and build a solid and steady career, and have many rewards.



For a private interview, to see if you have what it takes, Call Jeremy Bradshaw at 603-312-7913 or email to: ProEdgeJeremy1@gmail.com



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